Written by Princess Ilonze


But really, what is scarier than the future?

The vastest of spaces

Just creeping up on you and at the same time

Walking away.

We’ve all been in those times in our lives

When destiny couldn’t come any faster

When we are sure that we are special

When we know we are going to do great things

And the “they go halla my name one day” kind of feelings


Then there are some of us

Outstandingly mediocre

Good at a lot but not awesome at any

Or maybe just plain awful at

Each and everything we do

Can’t even seem to breathe right


But guess what?

There’s a future

So it gets worse

Or better

Or maybe things never really progress in a spectacular fashion.

What if we

Neither succeed nor fail?

Never again feel the extremes of emotions 

As our childhood

And our teen years


The extreme happiness at the littlest of things

Like when daddy comes home with “Mr Biggs”

Or when you crack a joke

And it’s like the whole world burst at your ingenuity

All the extreme fun we had listening to stupid music

And watching those silly commercials


B without BB is like a train without an engine 


The extreme sadness at the littlest of things

Like when you miss your favourite show on tv

The pinky, the pinky and the brain brain brain

Or when NEPA takes the light

Or when you see your crush laughing at someone elses jokes


What if everything ends now



Because you see

The future is coming

And somehow by now, you’re supposed to have your life together

Know your path

Run with it


But how?, I don’t even know what it is;


And still the future is coming

All that time spent fantising

On what you want to be when you “grow up”

The reckoning is here


You either “blow” or you don’t


It  absolutely scares the shit out of me


And to those of us who are sure of ourselves,

Are you?

Are you really?


I guess all we have is hope


We all find our way in the end

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