Dear Akpo: When You Are In Love…

There are few people you will come across in your life that steal something deep within you. It’s like they steal your brain. You catch yourself repeatedly doing thinks that are unlike you. You begin to go places you normally wouldn’t and do things you normally wouldn’t. Your aren’t doing this to feel among, maybe to impress but definitely not to obtain a sense of belonging. 
All you want to do is catch a glimpse of the person that stole from you. You just want to say ‘hi’ and string up a conversation. You want to make her laugh and you love seeing her smile. You want to gaze into her eyes whether they are black, blue or just plain grey. You want her, to trust you, confide in you and tell you her story, but first you want her to notice you. 
Your desires force you to hang around hoping she passes by. She’s the only thing your mind can or even wants to grasp. It’s like a disease that has rendered your mind to be subject to every whim of your emotions. You try to fight it but you can’t; it will take an atrocious event and weeks of mourning to restore your mind to a semblance of what it used to be. 
It isn’t a crush of a time bomb that you can just ride out from a safe distance. It’s so real, it changes your mood when you see her, you force yourself to remain composed when she walks by because in your head, your emotions rage like an inferno. You enter bouts of mini-depression when she’s away but you take comfort in her images you unknowingly stored I. Your head. You replay them like your favorite movie, watching it like its the first time. 
But there is a fear in your heart that you are not noticed, or even worse you are just her friend. That word friend, it daggers your heart, it is your greatest fear. And so you wait in your chair, counting her steps for her as she walks in your direction. You hope the smile on her face is yours to receive. You begin to smile back as you continue counting her steps. But she shows no sign of slowing down. She walks past you into the arms of someone else, and in that moment your whole world crashes. 
But then, in a miracle of mercy, she turns around and smiles at you, pulls the sit beside close you, looks into your eyes and tells you “hi.”
P.S: The Header is my first successful attempt at graphic designing.
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