Why President Jonathan Should Employ Olivia Pope

Because he is running the worst re-election campaign in the history of re-election campaigns. I’m pretty sure at this point even his own campaign organizers don’t want him to win if not they would be doing a better job. 
Need I remind you of Reno Omokri’s botched Twitter plans to “answer who we would vote with the fear of God.” It’s as if they plan for him to loose. Now they want him to vist all the places they told him not to visit. They took him to meet with injured soldiers and forgot to put even common drip. And I thought Nollywood made hospitals look ridiculous. 
They keep hiring crowds to protest and forget to tell the crowd why they are there to protest against Buhari. Need I mention Chatham house. 
Then there is Fayose who is determined to bankrupt Ekiti state, I just hope he set money aside to finance his stomach infrastructure agenda because that state won’t survive four years of his daily adverts. I recently heard about an AIT propagandist advert against Tinubu, but his campaigners forgot Tinubu isn’t running for any office. 
Did I forget the army of Twitter Jonathanians who have resorted to repeating facts and statistics from organizations that the Jonathan government or at least all the PDP governments have described as unfair or biased at least once in the last 15 years. 
The only person that I know off that can help Mr. President is Olivia Pope. Oh wait that’s who Kerry Washington plays in Scandal. Darn it! So what’s he going to do now?
Here’s and idea, sack everyone! They all suck at their Jobs! I don’t know why you would have a man like Donald Duke and relegate him to the background even when you are lacking heavily in endorsements from people of intergrity. It makes no sense whatsoever. It’s like he planned to loose. 

One Reply to “Why President Jonathan Should Employ Olivia Pope”

  1. I’ve always said that our President is a clueless man. His campaign is pure nonsense and even if he employed Olivia Pope it would be of no use because whatever she recommends would be the opposite of what he would do eventually.
    I’m not even sure she’d be able to help him, given how much people don’t want him back.


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