I’m Tired Of Nigerian Politics. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am fatigued, exasperated and quite frankly flabbergasted by the political sphere. It looks like something out of the script of an AY Live show. If Fayose is not prophesying Buhari’s death in National Newspapers, he is getting in touch with all Buhari’s doctors to tell them how much longer before he drops dead. Funny thing is he is never correct. Then walks in FFK, with his vocal cords vibrating in a way that is gradually becoming a lot faster than his minds ability to process information. 
Then you have his excellency the executive president of Niger Delta Mr./Chief/whatever his title  is Asari Dokubo. Who is most definitely running his own country because it’s funny how someone as verbally unskilled as himself has not been locked up for treasonable utterances or at least taken back to school to learn the fundamentals of Patriotism & Nationalism. 
Lest I forget our INEC President who the presidency plans to remove before the plan leaked. Who also appears to be dancing to hs own fiddle (which is normally a good thing but it’s not so good in Nigeria). Did I mention that the way PVC’s are being distributed and misdistributed whoever losses this election may loose because his voters didn’t get their PVC’s. 
Of course there is a rumored APC agenda for Osibanjo to hand over to Tinubu, as if having a 72 year old wasn’t bad enough (I mean in what developed with a vibrant youth state will that happen) we will now have two elder states man reemerge to lead this country. It’s kind of like qualifying for World Cup and asking Okocha and Kanu to come out of retirement and play…(they will be pipes of such a celestial degree). 
If I were given an opportunity to manage Jonathan’s Campaign for a week, my first port of call would be to sack Doyin Okupe and Reno Omokri, I’m sure I can do their jobs a lot better than them, they are horrible, it’s either that or they are actually working for Buhari to make sure Jonathan looses in which case they would be geniuses. 
But let me draw your attention to the most important news in this country that hardly makes the headlines on Radio or TV. 
In less than a month, it would be a year that the Chibok girls where taken. I had assumed a year ago, that by now this children would have been back, but I was wrong. A lot could have happened to those kids in a year, things that only Hod could rehabilitate them from and it all happened under the sober gaze of Mr. President. It also happened under my gaze and your gaze. So I want to apologize to the parents for not doing everything I could to help, for forgetting them on social media and in conversations in real life, for forgetting to put them in my prayers while I was praying for stupid stuff. I pray they come back and soon too. 

Header Via Okechukwu Ofili


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