After 14-Second Victory, Will We See a Rousey vs. Justino Matchup?


So much to say, so little time.

Like, 14 seconds.

No, that’s not the amount of time we have here to illustrate, assess, and sing the praises of Ronda Rousey — we could go on for an eternity, and we will, long after she’s finished decorating what might become the gaudiest resume in the annals of fighting.

That “14 seconds” was in reference to the slim chapter added this weekend to The Book On Ronda Rousey, because that’s all the time it took her to finish off the woman she’d described before their fight as “the toughest chick I’ve ever come across.” Cat Zingano contributed greatly to the brevity of the UFC 184 main event Saturday night, charging across the octagon at the start with a bold, if reckless, flying knee. From there we got a concise clinic on virtuosity, all courtesy of the champion.

A lot happened in those…

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