Written By Elizabeth Obembe

So the other day, my friends and I got into this hearty discussion on what we fear the most. I personally have many fears for instance, I’m ‘claustrophobic’ afraid of tight spaces. We didn’t talk about this kind of fears, but we did talk about the type defined as “False Experiences Appearing Real!” There was one experience I had that always sends me personally rolling over in laughter every time I remember .Wanna hear? Here it is:
I was home alone one evening seated on the couch all cozy and engrossed in my horror movie ‘Dark Skies’, so engrossed I hardly noticed as the orange evening sun that lit the skies had moved away, and was replaced by dark skies. The curtain drapes were down but I could still peep through a tiny space that was slightly left up. I was glued to my seat, and if that was the actual intent of the producer to the viewers he definitely got me, because I hardly shifted positions. The movie came to an end and I had to get a drink but I just couldn’t move, and I really needed a drink. I summoned up enough courage and as I lifted myself off the chair to head towards the fridge, I felt an extra presence, something moved also.
I walked as fast as I could towards the fridge that was at the other end of the room. As I bent to get a bottle of water the power went out, everything went blank for those microseconds, and I could swear I heard something shuffling through the dark, footsteps somewhere above my head in the bedrooms, muffling sounds behind me. I was still! The moon beam found its way through the slit in the curtain and gave me enough illumination to move around the house, but for that moment I was unmoving and scared to my bone marrow. Finally I took the bold step as they say ‘a journey starts with a step’ and my journey from that monster had to start with a step but I don’t think I took a gentle step I practically skipped from the fridge.
The safest place in my house to me was my room. I just had to get there in time, enough to lock out whatever had found its way into the house to be my extra unwanted guest and company. I started moving stealthily at first with steady tip-toes, few seconds after I’m running as fast as I could, at that moment I began cursing the fact that I wasn’t athletic or strong enough to face whatever was following me , but there was no time to be remorseful for nature’s inefficiency and inaccuracy. I had to focus on my running. I was almost there and it was almost there too, an arm’s length away from me, and I knew that spelt danger for me. I felt it’s desire and thirst for me. My Adrenaline was way up, I could feel my heart in my mouth. Finally, all I had to do was go around this corner and I’ll be face to face with the door of the ‘safe haven’ and then it happened!
I fell! I knew the game was up, I could indeed run but not hide. I had no means of defense, as impulsively as nature would provide, I lifted up my arms to block my face and I saw it lift its arms also! Only to realize I was in the same position as what had me running this whole time. Damn it! I had been running from my shadow this whole time, as the sudden realization hit me the power came back on.


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