Written By Nlia Uche

So on the 21st day of February 2015, I would have spent 18 beautiful years on Earth. And I would love to share some of the things I have learnt.
1. Love God. Put Him first in everything. Engage in constant fellowship with Him
2. In life, just like in International Relations, there are no permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests.
3. Do not let people have a say in what brings you happiness.
4. Make your decisions without seeking Public Opinion. Your life is not public property.
5. People would always have something un-nice to say to you whether you are good or bad. Just live for yourself and God.
6. Age does not determine maturity, Experience does.
7. Don’t keep grudges or malice. It is unhealthy. It would make you lose weight literally.
8. No matter how nice you are, you would still have enemies. Even Jesus had enemies. But then, if you don’t have enemies, in whose presence is God going to prepare your table? Psalm 23:5
9. If you have a burden in your heart, learn to talk to someone about it. Problems shared are problems half solved.
10. Be time conscious and punctual. It helps.
11. Always maximize available opportunities to develop yourself.
12. Dream! Dream Big! Dream Wide! Do not ever stop dreaming
13. Cultivate good habits.
14. Think before you talk so that your words would not be used against you.
15. Smile! Laugh! Be happy!
16. Show appreciation for everything: nature, life, food, people, everything!
17. Be creative… Do not live a monotonous life.
18. When you dream, don’t give up on our dreams, at least not for anything in this world. Work on it until it becomes a reality.

I have learned more than these 18 lessons in my 18 years on earth. But I could only sum up everything into these 18. I sincerely hope you learn from these. Thank you.


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