The Christainization Of Nigeria

In July 1968, there was a little boy who carjoled his parents to allow him go to church. He had discovered God even though his parents weren’t religious. One day this little boy comes across an issue of Life Magaizne that has on its cover a picture of children starving 12,737Km away in West Africa. This boy works into the church on Sunday, outraged with God and turns to his pastor for explanations. His pastor has no answer as to why God would allow these children suffer. This young boy would leave this church and never return to Christainity. By 2010, this small boy would have founded the worlds most valuable company. A company from who’s device I write this post. His name was Steve Jobs. 

“The juice goes out of Christianity when it becomes too based on faith rather than on living like Jesus or seeing the world as Jesus saw it.” 
-Steve Jobs

Permit me to say as a Christain that perhaps the Kingdom of God lost such great potential, skill and talent like Steve Jobs because two very CHRISTAIN leaders in Nigeria and Biafra were tearing themselves limb from limb. 

That aside, I sat in a class a few weeks ago and listened as the lecturer argued for the class to vote for Jonathan because he is a nominal Christain while Buhari is a Muslim. Honestly, I wanted to stone his head with my pen, but less I get in trouble with the school authority, I refrained. 

Then I ask myself if a Mr. President is really a Christain? Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but he hasn’t stood by the dictates of the Christain faith. He has shown no love or empathy for his people, after all, he was always on a campaign trail or at one National social event or another during or immediately after virtually every major Boko Haram attack of 2014. He has little or no intergrity after causing, exasperating or covering scandal after scandal since 2011 whether it’s missing money or keeping questionable ministers.  I ask myself how Christain is Mr. President. Need I remind you that Chibok is a Christain community.

I like Your Christ but not your Christains, your Christains are so Unlike your Christ.
-Mahatma Ghandi.

I’m not endorsing Buhari because I have personal reservations against him, but at least none of them are based on his religion. At least he is Muslim true and true. He might be questionable in other areas but he at least he is principled and consistent to a cause (or at the very least more of a Muslim than Mr. President is a Christain, after all if he wasn’t, there wouldn’t be talk about Islamizing Nigeria).

My question is this, why Vote for a leader based on his claims on Religion? If you want Mr. President to continue in office, vote because you believe his anticidents supersede Buhari’s and not because there is a “Muslim conspiracy” to Islamize Nigeria. After all all the slander of PDP are spewed from the mouths of fellow Christain brethren as APC’s is done from both religionus camps. 

I do believe God has a chosen path for Nigeria, and if Jonathan is to lead us to that path I don’t think it will be because Buhari is a Muslim. Afterall Ghandi wasn’t a Christain and Joseph Khnoe was. 

Let us not be zealous without Knowledge, be prayerful while keeping an open heart.



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