Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Get your pencil and draw. Draw like you are paid to do it. Draw in the face of boredom. Draw like its the most important thing in your life. And if you don’t like your drawing, draw again…and again.

Get your pen and write. Write the best story never written, write the best speech never spoken, write the best song never sung, write the best book never published. And if you don’t like your writing, write again…and again.


Get your laptop and design. Design the best website ever. The best advert poster. Design the best building, your dream home or office even. And if you don’t like your designs, design another one, again…and again. 

Imagine, inventing new tech, upgrading existing ones. Sit down and plan whole events that may never hold, do it all, the lights, cameras, food, the of course the venue. Attend your event in your mind even if no body does, be a mental audience of one.

Sing, take pictures, talk, Whatever you do, do it. Even if your the only one, just do it. And if you don’t like how it turned out, do it again…and again. 

Just keep that creative juice flowing.


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