Black Skin, White Eyes

They say Light skins are always finer, fresher and just better. So we all want light skin. Light skin girlfriends for bragging rights, light skin husbands to correct dark skin coloration in the children all the while wishing we were light skin. 

We go to the toiletries section of the nearest mall to look for all the complexion care soaps, body lotions we can find or afford. Taking a bath is a ritual because we must apply concoctions of soap jells in an order and leave them to time. 

20 minutes under the melting Lagos heat we realize that complexion care just won’t cut it for we feel ourselves get visibly less light skin. For some we can’t wait to submerse  ourselves in buckets of water when we get home for we are sure there is no light and consequently the pumped water of the morning must have finished putting showers out of the question.

For some a shower or series of showering won’t just cut it. We resort to joining the bleached race for we must of nessisty become light skinned. A quick trip to the mall and we have replaced complexion care with toning and bleaching. And as we become light skinned our knuckles become dark skinned. 

They say light skinned are always finer, fresher and just better. But just be comfortable with yourself whether you are black, light, white, a shower person or a bleacher and you will be all finer, fresher and just better.

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