Written By A Friend

Dear Dianne,
Remember how I told you I’d never let you go easily? I meant it.
Don’t think I stopped spying on you because I am no longer close, I stepped up big time. The last time we talked about relationships, you said “it’s hard to find someone” but I want to ask you now, “is it hard to be found too”? You see, you keep bluffing about wanting to never get married but we both know the truth; that you are only scared of commitment, and I used to think only men had that problem. Whew!

In related news, I found someone for you, and that person is me. We are a perfect match. I know you have loved and lost and are now scared defeat so you refused to try again and now its “I am not ready for a relationship”. You are not in the least bit career inclined so don’t tell me you love your job over me.

There’s no Prince Charming anywhere, Cinderella took him.
By the way, I always knew you only pretending to hate Valentine’s Day, always looking for ways to be busy on that day so that your loneliness will not be too evident. In 2012, you had an “office emergency” that required the entire week, in 2013, your cat died (you still haven’t told me how it ate rat poison and left the mice to live), let’s not forget that in 2014, you didn’t answer my call or reply my messages because you were “away” from the phone (all day?).
What is wrong with you? Heaven knows I’ve tried. Look around you, there’s no one else waiting for a yes from you. Grow up and be the woman I see in you and don’t tell me to move on because I cannot. I will ask this question again for the 4th time, Will you be my val?


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