What Is Education?

Education is sitting in a class with halved attention, listening to your lecturer talk about theorist and theories, a quarter of which he may not have practical knowledge on.
Education is jam-packing a bunch of information into your head so that you can regurgitate it on a piece of paper in the exam hall.
Educating is spending years and millions of Naira to get a few pieces of paper called certificates only to graduate into an overpopulated labour market that values work experience.
Education is telling yourself that because you went to school you are literate while forgetting to tell yourself your brain is hollow because of too much cramming. 
Education is spending hours in a library learning the principles of politics only to be asked at an interview “what makes you different?”


Education isn’t about impacting the ability to analyze present events and provide relevant information, but just making a good grade.
Education isn’t about identifying and fortifying individual strengths and weaknesses but grading everyone based on a quack perception of what aa persons strength ought to be.
Education isn’t about students learning, but school faculty and management keeping their jobs and impressing the parents of students. 
Education isn’t about helping you discover yourself, but conscripting you to what your teacher feels you ought to be.

Education is like the Nigerian government, all talk and no more.

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