Dream Killers #2: Be Realistic

Everyone has childhood dreams. When we were kids, nobody dared to us to wake up and be realistic, in fact we are all insane confusing our imaginations with reality. But it was normal, we were supposed to be crazy and expected to become more mature and realistic with age. 

Then we started aging and began realizing some of our dreams where completely impossible. Take me for instance, I wanted to build the Kids equivalent of the United Nations in my backyard. We turned away from many of our childhood fantasies without giving a second though and while some of us caught better dreams after we did that, some people never did because they had their own better dream when they were much younger. Just imagine if Beyoncé left her voice in her childhood or Usain Bolt ran into maturity, what of the countless of children doctors that grew to become real life doctors.

Take some time to check today if you unknowingly left your dream in your childhood.


One Reply to “Dream Killers #2: Be Realistic”

  1. Wanted to become an artist. But as an African child, your parents have already charted your life’s path before you are even born. So I’m kinda stuck with this course for a really long time and I feel the dream will die before I finish what my parents have planned for me.


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