Power As Of Old


I remember watching a CNN interview on Linda Ikeji’s blog a few weeks ago. In the interview, a man who I believe is a professor of political science in a University somewhere in America said that “black west-Africa is simply not a priority to the U.S.” He was referring to why 2,000 people killed in Baga and didn’t get an international response from the powers that be. 

As I scrolled the page down to take a look at what hundreds of well meaning Nigerians had to say about this mans blatant but not completely incorrect statements, I was shocked to see statements like 

“Oh God! Where is Your Vengance!?” and “Leave them alone when God will change our story they will come and beg us.” 

I was reminded by all those (sincere) statements how spiritual we are in this country. And with all our spirituality we are faced with less than two weeks when we will choose between two politicians that sane people would normally not give a second thought to, who should run our country. 

Also Just a few days ago, at a seminar in a Christain University somewhere in Nigeria, at a general lecture, a World renowned Professor of political science had his lecture time politely cut short so that he lecture was nothing more than half an hour simply because his political differences affected the spirito-political sensibilities of top members of the organizing committee of the lecture. 

I recall once again how a Christian political science lecturer of mine admonished us to vote for Jonathan solely because is a nominal Christain.

I believe Nigerians wait for a time when the Power As Of Old Himself, will descend down from the Most Holy Republic of Heaven and use his Nigerian citizenship to contest for the Presidency of The Republic Of Nigeria. Even if He did, I’m sure PDP and APC will ask for his certificate. 

Unfortunately it’s not going to happen. The truth is the Nigerian political system is not designed and does not operate with enough latitude to allow capable but ordinary Nigerians to do extra-ordinary things (except for a few loopholes there and there). In the words of one of my Lecturers, Prof. Kunle Amuwo, our political elite are people or products of people who muscled out influence during the military and have come to outmuscle the ordinary Nigerians from enjoying what ought to be theirs. 

We must be ready and open minded enough to see great political potential and ability even if they are not in PDP or APC, maybe they are in Fresh Party or KOWA party, who knows. We’ve waited long enough for The major players to produce a candidate who has us at hearts.


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