The Toilet Is A Magical Place

There are few places like the toilet. An encasing of four walls with a hollow sit somewhere within. I’m among a few people who actually find solace in a good, clean toilet. 

It affords me a certain solitude and privacy that life deems fit to hoard. I’m alone with my thoughts and not just that, in the toilet I can actually hear myself think. It’s like a my brain is plugged into a supercharged antenna and creativity and inspiration is unleashed in ways previously unimaginable.

Maybe it’s not the toilet in itself that’s responsible for this burst of creative revelations, maybe it’s the fact that I’m actually able to think and look inside myself, or maybe there is a biological reaction that takes place when solitude meets biological waste disposal. I honestly don’t know.  But I do know that taking time everyday to have “me and my mind” time is yet to be a bad idea. 


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