My Secondary School Ruined My Emotional Life Part 2

Written By A Budding Lawyer

I became scared of having close friends. Became terrified of trusting anyone. I learnt that the people you thought were close to you, could betray you in a heartbeat for something as mudane as jelousy, anger or a plate of rice and fish. My mates created Cliques based on their parents salaries, wealth and influence. 

Boys boys boys! They yelled at assembly and in the hostels. Don’t let them touch you, don’t be alone with them or else you could get suspended and would end up selling bread in your village! Or you could try having an abortion, die and end up beside Sadam hussain in hell.

They failed to teach me how to control those ragging teenage hormones,they failed to explain that its not abnormal,they failed to prepare me for the “right man”! Gosh, I did not even have an inkling on how to find him! I kept thinking..I’m just 16 afterall, what do I need him for?

I felt all men we’re sex maniacs who wanted to possess a women and turn them to slaves, I became extremely strict and possessive of my heart and emotions. My feminist side was born. My rules we’re simple “don’t let them in and if they get in and want to leave, help them pack their bags.” 

Only few people knew my soft side, I was lonely and perpetually angry at the world. The truth, as I have discovered in the last 3 years since I graduated, some men are totally lovable and sweet, some just want friendship and companionship, some would stick with you through all the mood swings, trust issues and anger at the world amongst many other things even when you can’t stand yourself!

The part of the supernatural being in our lives cannot be over emphasized but how about teaching life lessons? How about teaching kids about the institution of marriage, all its pro’s nd con’s, what God says about it, why they should make a specific choice and why they shouldn’t make the alternative and let them make this choices! 

Messing up with their half-baked philosophies and putting fear in their hearts isn’t the right approach to sex education. It leaves some scared to love and be loved and others to eager to taste the danger you preach against so vehemently.
Live and let live.


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