Written By Elizabeth Obembe

“…….So the highlands of the world are ……”That was the last I heard, this class was boring! I had my eyes open but I was no longer in class. I stared blankly at the wall clock. It was seven minutes to the end of the class, as I watched the seconds hand twirl and tick away. I probably heard the tick tock tick tock tick tock ti……. I no longer heard it, I was no more in class.

I was in the widest room I had ever seen, surprisingly it was my room. I had posters of me and my favorite celebrities, pictures of my family hung around the room, a glass shelf of trophies, plaques and certificates. My bed was soft. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was purple all through. I walked to my bathroom and it was lovely, I had my mouth open in amazement. The door to my room opened after two quiet knocks. In walked a man dressed in a fine cut three piece suit. “Good Morning miss, how was your night? Here is your schedule for the day” he handed me a yellow A4 paper that had a lot of writing on it. “Breakfast should be ready in 10. Please do freshen up, the chauffeur would be here to take you to your shoot for the magazine cover of Du Monde, the next week’s edition.

Mehn! I had the warmest shower in my life, my makeup table was amazing. I tried 6 different shades of pink, purple and red lipstick. I finally settled on a plain red. Now what to wear? My closet door was opened, I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a room turned closet or that was the original intention. I could take 20 steps into my closet, Dream come true! I stared at all the dresses and had no idea on what to wear. So many dresses! I had tried on the 3rd black dress when a knock was heard on the door; it was my personal hand maid, she shook her heard in disdain “miss, having trouble with what to wear?” I nodded, she walked to the back of the closet and brought out a peach dress. It was a beautiful *Sandra Darren* dress. She asked me to pick a shoe and my shoe closet was something else. She quickly picked a black loubritoun pumps; before I got into dilemma of shoe trauma.

My breakfast was exclusive, so many fruits, waffles, cereals and other stuff that made the right breakfast! Yummy! It was perfect. The photo shoot was amazing; makeup artistes all around me, five different outfits to take pictures in. It was wonderful. My lunch was ready. I heard a bell ring and I was about to take my sit on the lunch table when my friend shook me back to reality. The class was over and all of my dreaming stopped.

“Alicia its break time, want something?” “Aargh! I was about to… never mind” “indeed it’s so good to be back” I wiped the sweat off my forehead. “Uhn?! What did you say” “oh nothing” I smirked. All my fairytale beliefs in happily ever afters and expectations are just mere phases. My struggle of reality is indeed much better. I was back to struggling for my own food, small closet, sizeable number of shoes and clothes, small room and waiting on myself. Indeed, “THIS IS REALITY!!!”

Find Elizabeth
Facebook: Obembe Elizabeth
Twitter: @leezy_mcbembe
instagram : leezy_mcbembe



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