Dream Killers #1: The School

Perhaps only few other institutions for societal good have been able to cause as much personal ill like our schools. Schools were originally intended to educate mentally, physically, emotionally and socially all the while preparing us for the rest of our lives. It was a thing of Joy to graduate from the university just a few years ago but today it’s not uncommon to meet undergraduates who aren’t all too eager to graduate. I know because I’m one of them. 

Illiteracy used to be more expensive than school education, but it appears schools are catchy up quickly. School fees for decent schools are ridiculous, for great schools they are unimaginable. The admission letter detailing how much the fees are has killed so many dreams over the years. 

If and when one does make it to the higher institutions, the system is designed to give you a proper beating. Childhood dreams are crushed because schools don’t seem to give people what they want to study. They throw our best doctors into microbiology, our best lawyers into Political science, our best journalists into English and everyone tells you after you finish spending millions and four to five years of your life (assuming ASUU likes you), that you can try again or study it at the masters level. 

My Dad had a dream to become a business man, he wanted to study something along the lines of business administration but somehow life threw him into law. Although he met my mum in Law school, he was hunted by what could have been till the day he died. 

I can’t tell anyone who suffered to get into school to dropout simply because you got your dream squashed in the wrong course, life is irritating and we all know it. I won’t tell you to stay in that loathsome field of study either. 

But I will tell you this, should you choose to continue despite being thrown in the wrong place, please don’t let that dream die, life may be irritating but it also has a way of working out. Let your heart burn with passion for your dream. Should you choose to restart, know that I’m yet to meet a single person who took that brave step and regretted it. 

To anyone without hope on where money’s going to come from, I ask you to do like Abraham did, to Hope against all Hope. Wake up everyday and remember your dream, go to bed everyday day dreaming. Like I said life’s irritating but it has a way of working out


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