the Nigeria great grandfather told me about!

I remember a story my great grandfather told me
It was the day my mum gave birth to me
He held me with a big smile on his face and he started talking
He told me the story of a rich land
“Not money rich but people rich”
He said to me trying to make me understand the difference even though he was not sure I could hear him
He said the land had different groups of people with peculiar cultures
Each group, respected by the whole society because of their contribution to the society
It was always exciting to see people from other ethnic groups
It meant new experiences and learning different skills
The diversity of the land; its first identity
A land of Brave men and women who kept their differences aside whenever they wanted to choose a leader
They will choose someone who is willing to contribute fully and selflessly to the community
A leader was judged based on his love for the community
The only wars fought were against a common enemy
They also had a rich soil
Fertile enough for crops and blessed with abundant mineral resources
He said;
“Diversity, soil and people are the greatest assets of the land.
Assets that can build it or destroy it”
He said this is the land I was born into
As little as i was and even though I had still not opened my eyes
I fell in love with this land and I could not wait to grow up in it

But as I grow

I see a different land
I see a land full of bitterness
Diversity is a weapon, a means of judgment
The different groups I see are lovers of themselves
People who see each ethnic group for its weakness
I cannot find any brave men and women in this land
The decisions are not about the community or the qualities of the leader
It’s about which group or religion the leader belongs to or what the leader stands to gain
The people are biased
In fact they say that it is best if the land is divided and they go their separate ways
There are many conflicts and crisis in this land,
Claiming the lives of innocent children and people don’t just care if it does not affect them directly
I try to think that this is not the land my great grandfather was talking about
But this is it
He was telling me the dreams and goals his generation had for this land when their grandfathers fought for independence
They saw the diversity, people and soil as an asset
That will make this land great
Now I just feel sad as I look
Because the assets are destroying the land
We chose the destruction path
And I close my eyes everyday wishing in my dreams for the land he told me about to eventually come
That one day I will find it

and that this is not it
But then I always wake up from my dream
And realize that this is the land
And what my great grandfather told me was just a story


3 Replies to “the Nigeria great grandfather told me about!”

  1. I love….. Nice write up Hadassah…. I still await a greater Nigeria…. It won’t get worse it can only get better….. By God’s GRACE


  2. Strength in diversity is would have made her enviable by all,but instead ii is been used as a tool of judgement
    Hadassah I believe Nigeria is ripe for a revolution (not killings and war) a percept shift , one bold without bloodshed that was let down to us from d generation before.
    Lets keep a physique feeling about her she would change.
    God bless Nigeria and no place else.


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