Don’t Let Your Dream Die

The saying the heart wants what it wants has been limited so many times to two people in love but really it’s more than that. The heart is like a raging fire inside the body. It won’t stop till its consumed all it wants. But too often we try to douse the fire with reality or with people’s perception of our reality. 

Our hearts need more than love to keep going, they need to consume our passion, our gifts and our callings. The heart puts dreams in our heads at night and when we wake up, our heads tell our hearts to get in line and behave prim and proper but our hearts really can’t. It’s like a child that’s aware of its desires and unable to communicate effectively but will shout until the whole world hears without loosing it’s voice.

I remember my dad had this architectural plan of a house he wanted to build, as far back as my knowledge goes this house had always existed. He would keep a copy in the trunk of the car another in the house and also in his office. His first port of call with any architect he met was a quick consultation on what the architect thought of his plans. For 19 years I saw my dad with this plan almost every single day, when he had no money and when he had lots of them. Sadly he died before he built the house. But he thought me one lesson, never let your hearts dream die, the one in your head may die, the one others dreamt on your behalf may die, but a dream conceived in the furnace of your heart must never ever die.

There is something our hearts want that our eyes cannot see, our hands cannot reach, our heads cannot comprehend and life will not willing give. But don’t douse the fire of your heart, don’t tell it to get in line just let it burn!

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