Respect Is Overrated

We are a conservative culture. We like to keep traditions polished and on a shelf, we are culturally homophobic and  always striving to be at optimum spiritual performance while forgetting to take care of ourselves and our brothers. We love respect and we love to be respected but who doesn’t. 

But respect is overrated and convoluted. Repect is now the acknowledgment of a title not the person. It’s an acknowledgement of the persons pocket and abilities. Ask me to tell you what I think about you and you will know how much I respect you. 

Respect is when I wake up in the morning and greet your accolades while forgetting you are standing in front of me. It’s obeying you because you’re older than me or superior and not because I see anything of value in you. 

Be honest almost everyone wants to be respected, to have their egos polished, but sometimes we show respect so We can extract minted notes from your wallet or at the very least have some peace of mind and not hear you ramble on and on about this generations lack of respect. 


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