Dear God, Help Nigeria

Dear God, 
Elections are around the corner and we are more confused than ever. We are going to vote without being sure our votes will count. Boko Haram has become more ruthless and the naira is still dancing shoki because we were not wise enough to diversify our economy. 

But God, as we go to the polls come Feburary 14, please pick a leader. A man or woman with the people at heart, someone that really wants to cause a change and not just sit in Aso rock. Someone who is sensitive to the suffering of the people and smart enough to turn the situation  around. Someone who wants to walk the talk and not just ramble senselessly.

I know many people are privately scared of the future, but you promised to take care of this country, this big family. I’m just asking you to do just that whether they are from Borno or Bayelsa, Adamawa or Cross River state. 

In Jesus Name.


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