Does Jonathan Really Deserve A Second Term?

I got into a heated argument with a friend on Twitter, a friend who I believe is reaping the dividens of a 16 year PDP leadership and that is actually not a problem for me. The argument was whether GEJ deserves a second term. I want to be neutral as much as I possibly can in stating some facts and sentiments while letting you be the judge. 

One cannot deny that there are certain things GEJ has done while in office for over 4 years now. In his time we have seen the federal government seriously try to fix a lot of federal roads, this is not to say that all roads have been fixed, but it is an effort we are not used to seeing. We have also witnessed miniature improvements in electricity in certain parts of the country and worsening in others. Under his regime the economy has florished (although falling oil price is about to rip the economy apart). For my friend and many other readers, the man has tried. Like Doyin Okupe said, we don’t know what the man is going through with GEJ being like Nigeria’s Jesus and all.

But for some others this simply won’t cut it. According to Ecowas over 700,000 People across west Africa (mostly Nigerians) have been displaced by Boko Haram this year alone. Over 7,000 people have lost their lives and many more have been seriously injured yet there is no end in sight to the security challenge not to mention the 2,000 people allegedly killed by Boko Haram a few days ago and although there are arguments that all this is politically motivated to undermine GEJ, I ask is it not the responsibility of the Commander in Chief to provide security regardless of who wants to stir violence and why. I mean, should the police excuse armed robbers who stole because they couldn’t find Jobs?

We are still hoping for the return of the Chibok girls (at least a few of us still are), girls who were taken in the middle of the night in a place under the protection of the President himself through a state of emergency. Boko Haram has since returned there to cause more havoc, yet it took shouts from Unity Fountain in Abuja to Michelle Obama in Washington for our president to publicly acknowledge that girls where missing.

I mean the simplest of things like sympathy have become as rare as Mikel Obi’s goals. I assume if Boko Haram is too much to handle at least emotions are not too much to show. 

Stepping away from security for a moment like M.I did to music, I admit the economy hasn’t been all bad for most of his regime but truthfully it can be a lot better. 

GEJ promised refineries, he has not delivered, He promised development in Agriculture, Cassava bread didn’t go so well and though there have been baby steps, the miraculous fall of oil price shows we need giant leaps to diversify our economy in the shortest possible time. 

I did say GEJ improved electricity in SOME places, but honestly at this rate will my great grand children meet a Nigeria with 24/7 power supply.

 GEJ made a lot of promises no one coerced him to make and though he took steps in some places, those where he did not take steps will be what history will use to define him. 

I refuse to make conclusions for you, but I ask you, if you say GEJ deserves a second term is it because he truly deserves it or just because you can’t stand the opposition party. Because at this rate of progress and regress will we EVER live in a Nigeria where we will not look to Chris Aire and Chimamanda Adichie before we can be proud of our country?

Let me know what you think down in the comments section and don’t forget to share this with a friend.


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