The Guy Who Prayed In Front of Me

I  was in a Church service  the other day when the pastor opened the floor for personal supplication. I take a sit because I want to concentrate and after about 10 mins of praying, I hear a young man siting in front of me pray the most unusual of prayers. He prayed that God would fix the electricty problems of Nigeria in 2015, that he would move our electricity output from 2,000 Megawatts to 20,000 Megawatts and that God should use him to do it. 

From that point on, my prayer session pretty much ended. I mean how many people take the problems of Nigeria with this much specificity to God in prayer? How many people sit down one day and think how they could contribute to the lives of other Nigerians?

I kept telling people last year concerning the Chibok girls Boko haram activities in the north, don’t let a day go by without you raising your voice at least once about the issue on social media. But now all I see is #GEJ_is_Change and #GEJwins2015 and nobody wants to talk about the missing girls who didn’t finish their WAEC and now another set of people are getting ready to write that exam and GEJ is yet to address this on any campaign platform.

Nobody wants to talk about GEJs who promised to give us electricty or he would get out of office. Nobody wants to talk about why we still don’t have light. Nobody wants to talk about those in Adamawa and Borno who live out of their boxes and aren’t sure if today is the day they all run to Cameroon. 

I don’t even want to talk about Buhari, but don’t sit down on your high horse and tell me lies through the four corners of your mouth. You don’t get that right. I wish there were more people like that guy who sat in front of me and prayed about the real issues. 


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