What Guys Don’t Tell The Ladies

They don’t tell you girlfriends and wives aren’t the same type of girls. That the binoculars they use to survey girlfriends isn’t the same for wives. While one covers the areas of the maximus gluteus and mammary gland the other looks at personality and habits. They don’t tell you that they want their wives to remind them of church
on Sunday morning
after praying for them but would sometimes rather have their girlfriends say nothing about the man upstairs. 

They don’t tell you that every once in a while they would appreciate a little less makeup and a lot more of you. That the phony accent isn’t always appreciated. They don’t tell you that sometimes they need you to talk less and understand the exigencies of silence. That whenever they do open their hearts to tell you their problems, silence is better than a half baked response. 

They won’t tell you that sometimes they can’t live with you but would rather die than live without you. That they would betray other niggas for you if push came to shove. They won’t tell you that although they haven’t called for the past few days they’ve had multiple conversations in their heads with you. 

But know that when he looks you square in the eye and tells you that he loves you, at that moment, in that place you are the most important thing in the world to him and everything he does, he does with your reflection in the mirror of his mind. 

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