Should Pastors own Private Jets: Controversy Continues

Of course not! There is no reason why pastors should have private jets. They are doing Gods work and do not need the luxuries of life distracting them from their divine assignments. Even if it’s a gift, they should give it out or sell it and give the money to charity. After all some members of the congregation don’t have a clue where the next meal will come. 

So also should Musicians. Why should they have bodyguards and fancy cars and show off their wealth. They are entertainers and those who buy their music (or download it illegally) are also very poor and don’t have a clue where the next meal will come. 

What of doctors? They were not chosen like pastors were. They voluntarily swore before God and man to protect us and help stop diseases. But yet they are paid for their services, some of them are very rich and own large hospitals that the average man cannot enter to buy medication or common consultation. They even have the nerve to go on strike. Who sent them to be doctors? Why can’t they just give free health care whether it is malaria or Cancer. 

And there are the politicians. Who earn heavy salaries and are still stealing from us. They swore before God and they fly close to God in their gulf streams. Yet the masses have always been hungry and don’t know what it is like to live without feeling hunger. 

But we can’t generalise can we? I believe life was designed to reward individuals not occupations. Whoever works hard enough, well enough and with the right motives is entitled to what ever benefits they get whether they are in business, provide essential services or on a spiritual assignment, and what they do with those benefits is up to them. 


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