Nigerians Love Mediocre Governments

I have some pro-GEJ fanatics on my Twitter Timeline who every hour are all too eager to let all their followers know of the awesomeness of GEJ’s tenure and why he should be re-elected. I honestly love what they are doing although I suspect they get paid for it by some PDP chieftain but I can’t help wonder how tiny actions are considered triumphs.

We didn’t have railways GEJ put railways between Abuja and Kaduna therefore we should vote him back. I mean, the population of Abuja and Kaduna put together isn’t up to a quarter of Nigerias population and obviously not everyone is going to use it (for safety reasons). That shouldn’t even be an achievement that should have been routine maintenance that should not come up in an election discourse but because we have a culture that celebrates mediocrity it’s amazing accomplishment. 

I am not saying he did nothing (although I might be) but I am saying if he did, don’t bring up 250,000 jobs created in four years as an accomplishment, it’s embarrassing. We should have 250,000 jobs created in a month if we want to be taken seriously in the international community. We as Nigerians need to raise the bar higher for our electoral candidates. 

Just look at Buhari’s acceptance speech at the APC convention, it was a revised version of the 2011 and an amplified version of 2007 and the man is 72 for God’s sake. His antecedents include flogging Nigerians and severely reducing our self esteem. He needed to come up with something in the realms of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ or Obama’s ‘Yes we can’. But instead we got ‘PDP must go’ for the fourth time!!!

I haven’t quite yet made up my mind on who is getting my vote (although Chris Okotie is leading that race even though he is not contesting) but I wish whoever it is stepped up his game. 


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