2015: Let Us Discuss The Real Issues

Let’s discuss the falling oil prices 
And the economy on the verge of a serious crisis
Let’s discuss the Chibok girls who are still missing
Rather than why PDP thinks APC is misleading 

Let’s discuss the electricty challenges 
That have plagued is through the ages
Let’s discuss the lack of security 
Rather than why APC thinks PDP will put us in more anarchy 

Let us discuss corruption 
And why the participants haven’t suffered the legal repercussion
Let’s us discuss  education 
And why failure is now in circulation 
Let us discuss unemployment 
And not why Buhari will take us to underdevelopment 

Let us discuss a manifesto
Not propaganda and political gusto
Let us discuss our health sector thats in shambles 
And flee from GEJ’s political babbles

For all our sakes and our unborn issues 
Let us shut up for once 
And discuss the real issues


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