The Other Side of Passion

Of all emotions passion is the strongest
It is the driver of other emotions

it drives us to the extreme in most cases
The passion we have for something or someone makes us fully involved
It determines our interests, where, how and with whom we spend our time
Sometimes our investment and even our focus
It is often said that we need to have the passion for something or someone for us to enjoy it and not see it as a chore
For example; your job should be something you have a passion for
Jesus had a passion for us so he gave his life for us
Nelson Mandela had a passion for his country so he fought and he went to prison for 35 years
But the problem is not the passion; it is what we have a passion for
There is nothing more damaging than having the passion for the wrong things or people
This is usually the kind of passion we develop unknowingly and it starts as a little thing
Worse is when we have a passion for unnecessary things
Things that neither add to us nor take away from us
They waste our time
And cripple our values
And before we realize, we are in the wrong place
So what we have a passion for is very important
It matters in trying to define our values or those things or people that matter to us


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