It is not unusual to see 10 out of 15 people on the streets, public transport, anywhere with cords that lead to their ears
Yes! Earpiece
People don’t get it most times
Why some of “us” spend money on it
It’s not the music, it’s more than that
It is the connection
So magical
Even the people who use it hardly ever notice it
But it is there; somewhere
The moment you fix it to your ear,
You are suddenly lost in a different world
Just you and your thoughts
Feeling so far away from the person sitting next to you
Total disconnection from your immediate environment
Your attention swaggering between the music and your thoughts
Then the “dum dum” sound so close to you that you can almost touch it
It suddenly rhymes with your heartbeat
You nod your head so hard and keep tapping your feet and it’s like
“Oh! So I can dance like this?”
Every song makes sense because you have access to every detail of the beat
That earpiece just makes you feel like you are in the studio
The words of the song just get to you and suddenly you are a character in the lyrics : 0
Then there is that feeling of confidence;
Most of “us” only sing when “we” put on “our” earpiece
That is; when in reality we “scream” along with the music confidently
But in our hearts and imagination we are singing along with our “talented voices”

Somehow, by fixing that earpiece, you find some sort of relaxation, shelter and healing
That is the magic I am trying to explain
Only the power of the earpiece
Nothing new, nothing strange
We just never notice.



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