That first working day of the week

That day we all wake up, hopeful and scared at the same time

From the father who is hopeful for a new week at work and scared of what new headline the business world has in store,

To the mother who drops her kids off at school and fears for what might face them in school

The teenager who is excited about a new week in school but is scared for those test results

The uncle who is afraid of the Monday morning traffic and hopes it does not make him late again

The aunt who hopes that she will finally get that job without any conditions

And any other person

Randomly walking in the streets

At work

At home

Any possible place

Anybody scared of what this long week holds

But is still hopeful for those things

Hope at its peak, not for one day but for the whole week

Yes! It is one of those mornings and now I gallantly walk out of my room full of all the hope in this world.


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