I Am Happy Nigerian Entertainers Lost Their Primaries

Call me bad belle if you want to, but I must be truthful. I was already planning to boycott all Nollywood movies in personal protest to what I deemed was a political scam. But anyway this goes to illustrate what I said in my ealier post Why Are Nigerian Actors Entering Politics and Tony Tetuilla’s Bashed Car

To be honest I do think this is a time for this of the entertainers who contested and who really want to change this nation to go back to the drawing board. We need to see them more active on the political seen, to take stands publicly on national issues. (I didn’t say party issues, I said national issues.) This will show Nigerians how honest they are. For those that wanted the money, I think they should just go and start a business, maybe a high-end fashion line or seek for some form of endorsement or something.


For Desmond Elliot, the sole survivor, I think he should keep on pressing and while I wish him the best of luck in the main elections, Nollywood will definitely miss his input for the next few years if he does win. I am not sure whether I will boycott his movies quite yet, I will give him sometime to convince me that he is not just another Nigerian politician seeking for tax payers money. 

All said and done…2015 looks really interesting.


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