Omotayo Abejide Talks GG Clothiers


Full name
Omotayo Abejide

Educational qualification
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun state.

How did you get into fashion designing?
From the get go, I have always loved dressing up and pairing items of clothes together to define my personal style. So during the 2013 National ASSU strike, which ran for about 6months, I had nothing but time on my hands. The period gave me ample time to realise that a lot of the clothes I buy might be easy to make and a lot of the clothes I liked, might be cheaper to make. I engaged in a fashion school to learn so that I could make unique and affordable outfits for myself. Along the line, family members became clients, then friends and then referrals.

How do you motivate yourself?
Increasingly, I am realising that talent without work is useless. I believe the same is applicable to passion. The fashion world is not static. It changes as much as it recycles. This knowledge motivates me to yearn to know and do more. I intend to build a career in fashion. The thoughts and plans in my head concerning my career future in fashion always bring me out of my comfort zone and help me to keep an open mind to learning more and putting my very best into it. Also the fact that my creations enhance beauty and elegance keeps me going.



Designers You wish to work with
Deola Sagoe, Zizi cardow and Ade Bakare. I love the way they incorporate contemporary African prints into their creative works. It radiates glamour, patriotism and uniqueness.

Who are your mentors?
My parents. They are very principled people and they put best into everything they venture in. They have taught me to be optimistic, sacrifice, meticulous and decent. They also instilled the fear of God in me because in my opinion, any race you run without God’s backing is futile.
I also love Deola Sagoe. She inspires my inner drive to strive for creative perfection to achieve not only local recognition but also global recognition, while also giving back to my society.

How did you come about the name GG Clothiers?
It’s an acronym from my two favourite English names, Gabriella and Georgina. I have always joked about how I’d bear either of the names if I were to pick a Western name. I figured that creating a bespoke fashion label gave me an opportunity to bear a combination of the two names I’ve always liked.




Your philosophy about life?
Anything worth doing at all is worth doing EXCELLENTLY well. Tenacity and perseverance will open a lot of doors. For everything I do, I always think of how to make them better. Think outside the box. And most importantly I have learnt that to succeed you have to learn to sacrifice a lot because success never comes on a platter of gold. It feeds on sweat and self-discipline. I have also learnt to embrace failure as a step to attaining success.

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