Is This The End Of The Knowledge Economy?

Are we possibly on the verge of the end of the knowledge economy. Today, all you need to be the smartest person in the room is a smart phone. Google answers virtually every question and information just rushes at you when you are on social media at uncontrollable speed. 

The information cycle is so dynamic that committance  to memory is a waste of time, because by the time the committance is done the information is already redundant. Specialist are the new last resort because for you to succeed in any field, you need to be a mini-specialist at everything. Ever recieved information you thought was new only to discover everyone else already knew it?

Musicians are no longer just singers, they are singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. Lawyers now need to know a little about a lot. Writers need a little of movie making knowledge because movie adaptations can often make more money than books sales, not to mention knowing a little about everything too. University Courses that specialise in a little of everything are in high demand. As a matter of fact everyone needs to have a reasonable amount of knowledge on computers and computer programming. 

The world in seeing a reduction in the demand for people very knowledgeable in a specific places and an increase in demand for people ignorant in specific places. There is an increase in demand for knowledgeable people who are capable of adapting and expanding their knowledge base to uncharted waters. 

The truth is knowledge is a commodity that’s very valuable in every respect. What’s however more valuable is the ability of learning to learn. Learning new things and applying those new things to new situations and scenarios. 

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