I Told My Neighbour, I Cannot Defend My Grade

Before you eat me raw, please give me a chance to explain myself. The truth is, Yes, I actually cannot defend my grade. It’s not because I cheated (which I don’t do), nor because of some other weird reason.

It’s quite simple actually, I can’t defend my grade because I crammed for the exam. It’s that simple. I cramped everything in my brain and went to go and download It in the exam hall. The only thing my reasoning faculties were used for was decoding some of the exam questions. Every other thing was an automated download. If I were to re-write the exam I wrote in the last few weeks right now, I would probably nearly fail.

In another two weeks I would most definitely fail that same exam despite the fact that I understand all the basic concepts and levels of practical applicability. But because I will be unable to quote Hans Morgenthau or Bertrand Russell and sound academic with the ‘thus’s’ and ‘hence’s’ and all those things, I would be labeled as a below average student. 

I cannot defend my grade because my grade is a reflection of my ability to recall useless data and not my ability to proper solutions.
I cannot defend my grade because it shows the depth of my conformity to the lecturers expectations and not my understanding of the actual subject matter.
I cannot defend my grade because it is a testament to my job-market qualifications and not my work place contribution. 
So yes, I can’t defend my grade and yes I do think academic excellence is a waste of time (don’t tell my mum I said that).
But I do think character development and capacity building should be the goal of educational institutions not rote memorisation.

Anyway, what do I know?


4 Replies to “I Told My Neighbour, I Cannot Defend My Grade”

  1. As in.. I completely agree. What’s the point of exams if all you have to do is cram to pass. I talked about this with Edidiong and Victoria after GST.. I’d rather offer 5 courses and gain great mastery and understanding of them than 12 and be clueless a few days after.

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  2. I completely agree! The major courses that I’m meant to have a mastery of are just like 4 out of 10 courses…the rest are borrowed from other departments! It’s sooo annoying and now that I’m meant to be on my break, I’m doing those courses I do “la cram, la poure, la forget”!


  3. this is a vivid and accurate description of the mainstream life and living of our leaders of tomorrow who happen to think they are thinking thanks to our wonderful educational system. oh well, allz well that endzz well

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  4. Lool! This is sort of true tho. But I still feel it depends on your passion for what you’re studying you will surely be interested in understanding the course if you like it. But when you’re being made to do other courses e.g. philosophy that are irrelevant to your course of study all you have to do is cram and pour.


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