Dear Ladies, The Gentlemen Are Hungry

Dear Beautiful ladies, young women, girls or babes, I acknowledge you with whatever name you are comfortable with. I come in peace, and hope you will receive my message also in peace. 

As you know, exams are here and certain factors that make for academic success such as studying, good sleep and good food must be taken with utmost reverence. In order not to beat around the proverbial bush, I must tell you that it has come to my attention that the “boys are hungry”

Yes oh! They are hungry. I mean the “non-single” ones. They appear to have spent their money on you, I mean your sharwama, burritos and hair. They are here looking for garri and praying that electricity will not be interrupted as they cook their indomie. But still they come out at night (in between their papers) to keep you company, even though they would rather be sleeping or playing FIFA. 

It is not all of you in relationships that have contributed in the impoverishment my the Gentlemen, but it is a few of you especially the “can-you-buy-me”, “I-want”, “let’s-go-to-caf” type of ladies. It is theses ladies that have made the boys to be sleeping with rumbling stomach and buying punch drinks every night so that they will not collapse. 

To my independent ladies, I salute you and ask you to continue in stride, to all the beggina’s I plead with you, without any form of mockery to please change your ways before your bride price is no longer up to your hair extensions.

P.S. If you are reading this thing and your name is beggina and you happen to be a lady, I am not talking to you and this is a pure coincidence. Or maybe I am, who knows?


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