Dear God, Can I Change My Nationality Now?

I know that you know everything and that you have a reason for putting me in this country. But I must say that I am tired of this county. Very very tired.

It’s not even the fact that there is no electricity. I am already used to it. I don’t even know what it’s like to live in a place without power outages. It’s the fact that our leadership just keeps moving from one level of stupidity to another.

I ask myself, how difficult can it be to lead a country with everything? Absolutely everything. Natural resources, human capital, good economic base, what don’t we have. We have everyone yet nothing.

Dear God, People tell me not to insult the president, but I don’t see why it should be possible. Those chibok girls are still missing, maybe dead or married out. Their parents have given up hope but yet the president cannot even defend that small village. He is pursuing peace in Burkina Faso when his ass is on fire. He is seeking re-election when he behaves like someone to be impeached. He even pardons major criminals because they were his bosses at some point.

Beyond the president, there is that 71 year old elder statesman running for election for the gazillionth time. Then there is Tambuwal that left his party because they did not allow him run for president, a man with no sense of loyalty to a party, how can he be loyal to this diverse entity. Then there is that governor near the river whose mouth is faster than his brain. In fact all of the “leaders” are using public office to make a living.

God, I am just tired. I don’t even know what to do again. That’s why I am asking you if I can be permitted to just leave Nigeria, and never come back. 


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