I Still Don’t Get The Point Of Exams

My friend Jaja told me that I am not academically inclined. Also, Dotun keeps saying for some strange reason that he dosent believe I read. And while I am always tempted to take offense, I can’t because it’s not completely a lie. You see, while I do value the bi-products of traditional education, I am still skeptical about so many things about it, one of it being exams.

 So after spending months in school, receiving lectures, doing occasionally pointless assignments and enduring allp manner of nonsense from people who are not worth the school fees their parents paid for them, I will have to sit down for a whole month and try to commit to memory everything I have been taught so I can regurgitate it with additional pointless information (to prove my level of seriousness to the examiner), only to forget within a few hours of submitting the paper. 

It is not like I don’t admire the ability of my brain to hold such voluminous information for so short a time but, if the whole point of an education is to educate, am I not allowed to question examinations that have little or nothing to do with the reality at hand? 

Yeah, there are some courses that may need this zero-some exam game, but what of the multitude of other courses that don’t. For example I can’t imagine why a course about research procedures requires a sit-down exam instead of an actual research project. 

So here I am cramming pure nonsense, believing God to help me remember everything till I am done with the exams. Such is the life of this undergrad.


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