Dear God, Pls Tell Dr. Myles Munroe…

I was maybe about, 12 or 13 years old. When I picked or rather was forced to read In Pursuit Of Vision by Myles Munroe. I honestly cannot remember what I read at this point in time but I do know this. 


That was the first book, I ever read with the intention of extracting revelatory information. I do know that the book opened a small window in my brain with concern to my life’s purpose. A purpose I am still pursuing despite my pointless exams. I also know that from that book a whole world of books and information was opened to me. As an indirect consequence of that book I began to value information, revelation and admire unique intellectuality.

Countless doors have opened to me since then because of things I’ve done, said and written which were born out of things I’ve read.

Perhaps, if Myles Munroe never wrote that book, I would have been lost in this mind-numbing world of information technology. Maybe I would be just another misinformed social experiment. Perhaps I would have been a less interesting hermit. Who knows, I may never have started this blog.

So Dear God, please tell Myles Munroe a big thank you for me, for changing life and the lives of countless millions. 



9 Replies to “Dear God, Pls Tell Dr. Myles Munroe…”

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