I Want To Be An Ordinary Man

The ordinary man is not a man without great dreams
But, He is a man that wants to change the world
The ordinary man is a man ready to use all means
Whether it is the hard rod or the spoken word

The ordinary man is the father who loves to play with the kids
He who puts family first above all other things
The ordinary man is husband who puts food on the table
And goes beyond that to do all as he is able

The ordinary man will never cheat on his wife
He doesn’t indulge in things that make her go through strife
He sets an example of love and care
Which his children follow after without any fear

The ordinary man is first great in his family
Before leaving the house to face the worlds anomaly
The ordinary man is not to be called a local champion
But one who gives true priorities his full attention

I want to be an ordinary man when I’m grown
To put on a cape and save the entire globe
But not before I save my home


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