Happy Anniversary


Ladies and gentlemen I present my favorite CU couple. *drum rolls*. Dimu and Amarachi but I prefer to call them internship and Dimu respectively. 

To all my dear readers not blessed with basic deductive abilities, number 1 is Dimu AKA internship and number 2 is Amarachi AKA Dimu. Today they are celebrating their two year anniversary and I wanted to do something special for them so I decided to look for trouble. *Clears throat*.

I have no idea, how they met cause frankly, it’s none of my business. But what I do know is that they have been through hell and high water (especially the ones they caused) and for some reason unknown to man are still together even after breaking up more times than the entire Kardashain family put together. 

So in the spirit of extreme boredom and trouble making as well as felicitations I bid them happy anniversary and all other things that I currently do not know. 

By the way Number 3 is Dimus biceps (Amarachi likes it and she also likes his british accent too). 

Errrmmmm, Dimu, where do I get my cake from…all this is not for free man must chop cake.
And ehm, Amarachi, Dimu is crazily in love with you, he can’t stop talking about you.

*starts singing stay with me and walks away*


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