Dear God

I haven’t been the best of Children in recent times, If fact I haven’t even been average. I’ve been bad. Very very bad. But somehow you still answer my prayers and give me answers to requests I haven’t even prayed about. 

I do know how much you love me, at least to a certain degree. But sometimes I feel like you shouldn’t love me the way you do especially since I don’t even love myself that much. Everyday I am confronted with the disease that is my life, but you remind me of the cure that is your love and I am greatful for that. 

Daddy is no longer around but you’ve been a very big daddy to me especially when I’ve done nothing but rebel. It’s like I can see you standing in the corner waiting for me to come to terms with my childish stupidity. The thing is I just don’t know how to make that journey across the room to the corner where you stand. 

Dear God, 
Thank you for keeping my secrets.
For keeping Mummy company
For making me laugh everyday 
For giving me free favours
For forgiving my indiscretions and sins
For standing me out in a crowd
For Your gifts and talents
And Great friends, which I take pleasure in annoying. 

I might not be the best child you have now, but I promise never to give up trying.

In Jesus name


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