Educating The White People

My Name is Ugochukwu and I a Nigerian. I do not speak “Nigerian” and if you visit any other sites on the Internet besides Twitter, Instagram MediaTakeout and TMZ, you would know there is no such language as “African.”

Like I said, I am a Nigerian, from the Federal Republic of Nigeria not the United States of Africa. You would know that Africa was a gigantic continent if you had half of a brain. 

Moving on, I live in Lagos. Lagos is one of the worlds busiest cities, with gigantic buildings and busy streets bustling with life from as early as 4am till as late as 11pm. The hustle is so much that sometimes it can really be overwhelming. My point here is this, there are no huts in Lagos, neither do we walk the streets with animals. and there are more people here than you may have probably seen in your life. 

And no, not all Africans like animals. I personally can’t stand any animal that’s not a bird. In fact “Africans” and “animals” do not leave under the same roof, you do and I must say it is quite weird. Which makes me wonder, which of us actually “lives with animals.” That’s my opinion anyway. 

But it’s not your fault that you are ignorant of all these facts. You watch too much nollywood movies and you fail to remember that Lion king was a cartoon about the Animal Kingdom not the African CONTINENT. 

I know you may not be trying to be offensive, that’s what you said anyway, but you must understand your impression of Africa is making you come off as very uneducated.

 Are you uneducated? Of course you’re not? I hope you’re not? I don’t know anymore!

By the way, I blame Nollywood for this!


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