Letter To My Daughter

I am Writting this to you to remind you of what life is like. You are still young and innocent, this wicked world has not yet set its eyes on you. Unfortunately, in a very short while, you will be at the centre of its gaze.

Beware of boys. Beware of those whose mouths are faster than their brains and whose brains work at minimum efficiency. I know that they make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. They cause certain gyrations and sensations your mind, body and spirit with their rehearsed and recycled lines. They are the  same lines they told Jumonke before you, Nike before her and Adaze before all of them. They are not interested in companionship nor are they in love with you, they just want to add you to the list of people they have had sex with.

They will take that which you hold dear and leave you with shattered fragments of a once invincible heart. They will make you the headlines in Guysworld Newspaper and BigAss TV. They will make you feel special, so you can give them access to your special place.

But rest assured some boys will go beyond making you feel special, they will contribute in making you into a great woman. Run after those boys. 

Beware of Money. When the Holy book said “The Love of Money is The root of All Evil” it was not gender specific. Money will take you away from your soul mate and turn you into a baby mama,  hustling for attention from a guy who never wanted you. 

Money and what it can get you will turn you into a burden for everyone around you. When everyone associates you “please buy me…” and “I want…” you will be labelled as “high maintainance” and “unprofitable venture”. Be independent! Do not beg anyone to get you anything, if you cannot afford it let it go. 

Beware of Your Career. If you are career driven, there is no problem, but don’t let your children suffer. Don’t be the mum who was never around. Don’t let the domestic staff or KFC replace you. I know sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between work and family, but my dear, take baby steps. A simple 1 minute phone call, a song you share with them, bringing them to work when and if you can. 

Let your instincts roam free and you will see these baby steps. Focus on balancing each day as against your whole life. But never put your work over family. Family sticks together till the end even after you retire.


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