Why I want Nigeria To Be Out of Control

Six months ago, over 200 girls where taken away from their beds in the middle of the night by terrorists, despite the fact that Military personnel where aware of the threat. Six months later, they haven’t been found, our government is suspiciously and unfortunately but expectedly quiet because EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

In a few weeks we went from a missing 40 billion to 20 billion. The whistle blower was removed from office and given a life time position of traditional power. No money has been recovered, instead more money has been borrowed. But there is no problem because EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

70% of Nigerians are illiterate, and a minimum of 15% out of the literate 30% are not really literate, they are just certified to have graduated from university, again there is no problem because EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

Since 1960, Nigerians have been unable to live in a country with 24hr power supply, if we get 6-8 hrs in a day we say NEPA has tried, and we put on our generators- the noise making instrument that we are so used to. Yet the government is doing all it can to fix this because EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. 

There is poverty but it is UNDER CONTROL, Boko Haram is UNDER CONTROL, corruption is UNDER CONTROL. In fact EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I think it is time for Nigeria to get out of Control. To get OUT OF CONTROL from the clutches of egoistic maniacs that call themselves politicians. It’s time we take this nation OUT OF THE CONTROL of government officials that eat the money that is suppose to be used for the development of the masses.

It is time for us to ask serious questions and not take no for an answer so that everything will be OUT OF CONTROL.

We mustn’t always change our level of interest as the news changes. We left the Chibok Girls in the hands of the government leaving Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys and a handful of Nigerians to fight for us.
We left our epileptic power supply in the hands of a government primarily interested in enriching their pockets.

But in January 2012, we didn’t leave the fuel subsidy decision in the hands of government, we took it to the streets, the classrooms and even our churches, because we knew there was no turning back from it. We knew it was the end if the decision was not revoked. When we were interested, we made our government sit up to at lest take “certain steps” in finding the Chibok girls.

We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. Nobody will fix Nigeria except for the citizens. The government can’t do it, the international community can’t do it, billions of dollars in loans can’t do it. It’s time we sat up and spoke with one voice, a voice so loud, it sends shivers down the spine of everyone in Aso Rock.

My Name is Ugo, and I want a Nigeria that is out of Control.


12 Replies to “Why I want Nigeria To Be Out of Control”

  1. Hi! I love your blog which I just discovered. This is a great article. My question to you and everyone is, what are ways you think that you can get involved in getting Nigeria out of control? Are there practical steps to take in your own sphere of influence?

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    1. Hello Batter, lovely question. Let me start by saying especially since we are on a social media platform, that if every Nigerian can take use social media alone (just like we did at the climax of #bringbackourgirls) to hold our leaders accountable, it’s one way we can make Nigeria go out of control.


      1. Thanks for the reply! That sounds like a great idea, but I also wonder and would love to converse as to whether we feel like that would be the most effective. I don’t mean this in any disrespectful way, but I wonder the effectiveness of getting real politicians to read virtual comments, blogs, articles, etc. Does that make sense? Majority of the leaders are of the older generation and don’t want/ do not have the time to be checking these websites, so a follow up question to my previous question is how will the social media platform awareness carry over into real tangible change and not just virtual passion and fury? I hope this question makes sense?

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      2. The power of social media like the power of people, is not in individuality, it’s in the unity and common voice on a particular issue. See what happened with the bringbackourgirls, we were able as a nation to force our government to start giving us answer’s when they had not even made a simple statement prior to that. We even did the same thing with the 2012 fuel subsidy protests.


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