The New Face Of Nigerian TV

Recent years have seen a metamorphosis take place on screen in Nigeria. We have unconsciously said goodbye to a lot of Celebrities who have not quite been able to fit in into the new standard that we are evolving to. Also there has been a very quick rise in new faces, people and networks that are bringing more quality to all things Nigeria on the big and small screens. Not to forget some of our old faces that have reinvented themselves to remain relevant.

The rise of networks like Ebony Life TV, Ndani TV and TV Continental and adepth producers and directors like Kunle Afolayan and Emem Isong have opened the atmosphere for us to watch Nigerian products on TV and be proud. 

So here is a QUICKIE on who and what you should know and be watching.

Oreka Godis
TV/Radio Presenter, Events host, Writer. Producer, Director and Actor
Current host of Love Lounge on ELTV (Monday’s 22:000 WAT).
Featured in Dowry (Web Series) and Gidiup season 1 (Ndani TV)
Lamide Akintobi
TV presenter
Current Co-Host of The Spot (ELTV)
Worked as a Newscaster on Channels TV and also works as a newscaster for TV continental

Zainab Balogun
Actor, Model
Current Co-Host of The Spot (ELTV)
Modeled in New York and Paris fashion week
Obviously she is a model

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
Current host of Rubbin Minds (Channels TV), 
Current Co-Host of The Spot (ELTV)
Writer and Columnist 
And Football fan

Oc Ukeje
Need I say anything?
Featured Half of A yellow Sun Gidiup and many many more, Winner Amstel Malta Box office, multi awarding winning actor…the list goes on

Eku Edewor
Current Host of 53 Extra (M’Net)
Featured in How she left my brother and Flower girl
Hosted Big Brother All Stars Red Carpet Event (2010),
Host of Pepsi Top Ten Countdown

Uti Nwachukwu
Current Co-host of Jara
Winner Big Brother All Stars

They are still other people including the likes of Toke Makinwa, Ik Osakiodua, Joseph Benjaminp, Alex Ekubo and many more, but I want to “unveil” some shows that will make you proud to be Nigeria

It’s definately my best Nigerian show at the moment, you can catch it in Ndani TV or youtube.


The Spot.
It is the most innovative talkshow I have EVER seen, I won’t tell you why. It shows like everyday on Ebony Life TV on DSTV. (check TV guide for more details.)

I am not really a fan of Shuga because I never get to catch it on tv (I don’t know why), yet I cannot deny that it is a deep breath of fresh air. (It airs on Ebony Life TV and BET and MTV on DSTV)

Moments With Mo
This show needs no gist. 

53 Extra

*Drops mic and walks away*


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