The Dawn Of The Bleached Race

Their skin colour is enhanced, they glow in the sun and they are among the elite category of “the fair”. Oh, but what a joy it is to be fair. To be a semblance of a white man among black people. To have such colourless complement your facial features, after all fair people are always finer. 

Perhaps they weren’t born fair, or they simply enhanced the degree of their fairness but who is looking, after all it’s personal. 

It is personal because they are ashamed to talk about their new found fairness, they will divulge their secret to you but only under secrecy. They hope you notice their improved “fairity” without asking for their success story. Their fairness enhancers could have contributed in paying their house rents if they were never bought but what’s the point of living in a house when you are not fair? 

Psychologists say with much grammartical eloquence that this fairness desire is the result of the oyinbo man that ruled us and called us apes. They say the fair enhancers have developed a complex of an inferior nature within the new found fair.

Dermatologist say that Ochronosis, Lukemia and other cancers can be derived by becoming a member of the fairness enhancers club. But no club member says they want to stay there long enough to receive those medals.

Statistics show that this fairness enhancers are even more than a club. They are no longer a movement, they have surpassed a revolution. They are a race. I call them the bleached race. 

Not since colonialism has the existence of black men been threatened so much. The bleached are more dangerous than the whites or the Caucasians. They seek the anhilation of all that is black, because having been black now they want something new. 

I am not a bleached man, neither do I intend to be. The truth is I am black and proud at that. 


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