Tony Tetuila’s Bashed Car

“If I win the Election, I will not enter office with blond hair”
Tony Tetuila

 The last time prior to the declaration of his candidacy, that I had anything mentally to do with Tony was  when I saw him at a Winners Chapel Church where he was seeking the face of God. That was earlier this year. Now I understand why he was seeking Gods face. Perhaps now, God has answered him or he just answered himself and is now going into politics to contribute to the quagmire of this nation by stealing his part of the cake. Because I cannot understand why someone who has never publicly contributed in any major way even when at the peak of his career all of a sudden has a passion to “change the nation”. Even common #Bringbackourgirls (girls who are not back by the way) this blond headed… Didn’t even contribute anything whether tweets, (not a tweet oh), facebook status or even instagram pictures using his “celebrity status” Let’s be realistic, it is hunger that is doing him.

Can he not see his mates Leonardo Dicaprio, contributing his time at the UN a few weeks ago to the climate change discuss not to mention his other activities at home, or even Emma Watson, lending her voice to women’s rights, or Angelina Jolie fighting for human rights. Let’s bring it home, what of Nwankwo Kanu and his heart foundation.

That’s how you cause change, not by carrying your empty head to join the other empty heads in our government.


*UgoTalksAlot Composes Himself*

Ehen better people how una dey jare.



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