In The Future There Will be Butts

The future is for the heavily endowed, those that move mountains when they twerk. 
Jobs will be given based on sex appeal, and promotions, by the size of ones butt.
Those without will run to the artificial “resizers” of the gluteus maximus. I believe they are called plastic surgeons in some circles. 

In the future, talent and skill will not be needed, discipline will be a thing of the past and it will be because of the Anaconda that Nicki Minaj unleashed. All one needs to do to grow their business in the future is to develop “J.Loistic and Iggyistic” booty adverts and upload them to YouTube. 

In the future celebrity nudes will be a thing that is too common, because when we get tired of seeing wrecking ball asses people will move to the asses covered by clothes. 

In the future (and I am really sorry to say) rape will no longer be a crime taken seriously by law enforcement because bootyliciousness will have over taken morality and libido overtaken sense of right and wrong. Money in the future will not be printed on paper, neither will financial transactions be online, they will be done through exchange of fluids. 

Africa will be The most developed continent because (let’s face it) na we get bum bum pass

The bum-bum revolution will not be televised, it will be streamed live on vevo, it will be shown live on every channel across the world, it will be aptly described by every radio station, it’s videos will make Psy’s Gangam style look like a joke.

But I do not want to live in the future of the bum-bum, where people look for and retweet your nudes because  your privates are either too big, too small or just there, where education is ancient and seductiveness is king, where someone’s bum bum gets more air time than people’s lives that hang in the balance, a world where women are regarded as mere sexual apparatus and not pillars of society neither would I want to live in a world where women use what they have to get what they want. 

The truth is, in the future there will be bum-bums, 
I just hope that in that future they are nothing more than part of the human anatomy.


16 Replies to “In The Future There Will be Butts”

  1. While this is obviously a joke of some sort, U should understand that there would be no future if everyone(or even majority of people) are only interested in butts or naked people
    It’s actually only Africans that like big butts too..
    The White people (that actually do real life stuff to improve the world) even prefer smaller butts
    Big butts have always ruled Africans…but not and never the world


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