Why Nigerian Actors Are Entering Politics

Imagine my shock when I discovered that the new movement in the entertainment industry is the carpet crossing into politics. Had the quality of our entertainment industry been generally  exceptional (emphasis on Nollywood) It would have been better.

Now, 9Ice, Bob-Manuel, Kate Henshaw, Julius Agu and more recently Desmond Elliot, have all declared interest in running in the 2015, elections and all I can ask myself is that perhaps competition is driving them out of business. Now that the sensations are the Wikzid’s and Davido’s, Chris Attoh’s, Nse-Ikpe Etim’s, Bovi’s and Basket Mouth’s perhaps these legends are seeking to revamp their sources of income at OUR expense after all it’s a known fact that Nigerian politics is not leadership it’s merely business. 

If you disagree how do you explain that all of a sudden, people who never reflected passion at the state of Nigeria in their movies, music, speeches or even interviews miraculously have a change of heart and want to “transform” Nigeria. Perhaps if I hear Kunle Afolayon declare election interest I will be a little bit placated because there has been a display of interest and a lack of satisfaction in the politics and polity of this nation.

It is just ridiculous! It shows the depth to which this nation is sinking. Even if I choose to forgive everyone, Desmond Elliot is totally unforgivable. He keeps doing this! First it was his crossover into music with that disaster of a gospel song, now it is this. The most annoying part is he is so talented and still very much relevant in Nollywood.

Shebi, nah national cake everyone wan chop, that cake go soon finish and nobody go know how to bake another one! 

                                                          *drops mic*


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